Did you know that no vegetable can match the nutrient profile of the mushroom?  It has generous amounts of protein, and carbohydrate.  It is cholesterol-free, has no fat and is an abundant source of essential vitamins & minerals.

Mushrooms are unique, they are neither animal or plant. Most of us consider them as a plant for various reasons, but they differ from plants as they lack chlorophyll, which planets use to manufacture their own food and energy. For this reason they are in their own Kingdom, the Kingdom of Fungi.

The champignons of Paris were the first cultivated mushrooms, grown in caves filled with horse manure.  Of the 120,000 recorded species recorded, only 1,841 have been recognised as edible, so it’s best to leave the picking to the experts.

Unfortunately, mushrooms are very delicate and don’t last long. Some have a life span of less than a day, others may survive a couple of weeks.

Try roasting with beetroot, red onion, garlic & thyme and add to a fresh mixed leaf salad with a splash of olive oil & balsamic.  Or get creative with a mixed mushroom tart with caramelised onion & wilted baby spinach.

Rainbow Mushrooms have been growing mushrooms for over 10 years at their Rainbow Flat farm, and supply around 2,200kg of mushrooms each week.