Looking to develop and/or manufacture a bespoke product?

The Other Chef can use either your recipe, or one that we develop for you, to achieve your goal. Anything from infused oils, traditional chutneys and spicy relishes to sweet syrups, glazes, cordials and jams.

Have you got a product in mind?

Simply contact us to discuss the product you currently make yourself, or if it’s still in the idea stage, we may be able to assist in the development of your product.

Do you already have a recipe?

If you have a special recipe unique to your product, we are happy to provide you with a confidentiality agreement for your peace-of-mind. We can assist with any modifications that may be required for production on commercial scale, without losing the essence of your recipe.




Case Studies

Ricardoes Website.jpg

Ricardoes Tomatoes


It’s the perfect synergy working with Monica and Eric: we look after the quality of the primary product and The Other Chef Fine Foods take care of turning our produce into award-winning preserves. It’s a great outcome for primary and secondary industry in the Hastings and supports our ongoing effort to promote our local gourmet foods.
— Anthony Sarks, Ricardoes Tomatoes

We have worked with Anthony, his family and their team since 2008, and now contract manufacture more than 30 products for their label, ranging from jams and relishes to vinegar and tapenade. These products have solved oversupply issues, and created a value-added product with a much longer shelf-life than their fresh fruit.




Eric and Monica favour da’best local ingredients which are locally-grown by friendly farmers. They use fresh produce - never frozen - and they do not use any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.....so the best part is they are DA’Real thing!
— James D’Ath, Proprietor

When James was planning the menu for his new Brisbane burger joint DA’Burger, he didn’t want to use mass-produced relishes. His top-notch burgers are made from the best meat, salad and buns available, so it made sense to find relishes made with just as much care.

All relishes are packaged for safe use in his busy kitchen, in catering-sized plastic food-service pales which packed on pallets for easy delivery.  DA'Burger also up-sell small jars of the relishes for customers to take home & enjoy.


Currong Commestibles


As a new start-up business, we were seeking a manufacturer that we could count on and The Other Chef Fine Foods was an ideal match. Our association with their team has allowed us to translate our recipes into award winning commercial products. Eric’s experience as a chef and Monica’s production background have permitted us to focus on marketing our new company and getting our message out to our customers. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with The Other Chef Fine Foods as we grow.
— Denyse McDonald, Proprietor, Currong Comestibles

Currong Comestibles found The Other Chef Fine Foods had the right mix of imagination & expertise to convert their exclusive chutney and *shrub recipes into commercially viable products.  (*A refreshing vinegar based cordial)