Contract Manufacturing FAQs


White Label FAQs

Minimum Order Quantity

A MOQ depends on the product you require and the packaging it is bottled into. Contact us for more information.


There is no minimum order quantity, however, most products are packed in boxes of 12, so orders in multiples of 12 are appreciated.

Lead Time

Contract manufacturing lead time (or turnaround time) is between 2-4 weeks upon confirmation of your order. The entire process from the initial product consultation to finished product is generally 6 weeks. Please note, at times we have to give priority to primary producers with highly perishable ingredients that require processing - typically following extreme weather events.


Orders can generally be shipped within 48 hours of confirmation.



We can arrange shipping Australia-wide at an additional cost. An estimate will be given upon confirmation of your order. Orders can be collected directly from our facility, made available to your chosen transport company, or we can make all the arrangements on your behalf.



We can package into a range of bottles, jars & pails, and cap with your choice of lid color. We can suggest economical packaging solutions, but ultimately the choice is yours. Most products are packaged into cardboard boxes with dividers (generally in units of 6 or 12).


Products have already been made and packaged. We are unable to change the jar or bottle size, or the color of the lid. The upside is very short turnaround times, and complete flexibility in order size - order only as many as you need.

Additives & Preservatives


We do not use any artificial additives or preservatives. We use all natural ingredients in all products we manufacture. We source Australian ingredients where possible, only using imported ingredients when absolutely necessary.



  1. The first step - make contact with us to ensure that we can manufacture the product you have in mind.

  2. If you have a special recipe, we can supply you with a confidentiality agreement, at which time we will request a sample of your product along with your recipe. If you wish us to design the recipe, just let us know.

  3. We then undertake a product consultation service, more details on this is outlined below.

  4. Upon completion of us making samples, we then send them to you for approval along with a production costing.

  5. Finally, you can place an order for your product to be manufactured. We will work with you to organize freight.


Simply contact us for our latest price-list and you can order either over the phone, or by emailing us.

product consultation service

Our product consultation service is the process of re-creating your product with your recipe in our facility. Alternatively, we work with you to design a product based on your brief. This process ensures that we manufacture the product to your standards, as well as doing an accurate production costing. We also calculate all the legally required label data for you.

This service attracts a fee of $250+GST for the first product, and $150+GST for any additional products. When you’re happy with the samples we produce and place an order with us, your first invoice will be credit any product consultation service fees we previously charged.


The product consultation service does not apply to white labelled products.

Labels can be printed in-house for small orders. We charge a small fee one-of fee of $50 +gst to design the label to include your logo.

If you chose to purchase the products as cleanskins (no label), we will supply you with all the legally required label content, included nutritional data & country of origin details.

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